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SoundSystem brings every sport and concert to life with better than CD quality, real time sound

Keep Your Ears on the Ball

The First Real-Time iOS/Android
Full Radio Broadcast System for Your Venue

Soccer Stadium


Low-Latency, High Fidelity, Real-Time Game Audio on iOS & Android Phones...

And Enhance Venue Revenue with Responsive Fan Engagement

Treat your fans to 

Soccer Fans

Engage Fans and Prosper

No Capital Investment
You already have wifi, 5G/LTE
All you need is a mixer, mic & laptop

Sell More Tickets, Food, & Merch
Radio ads work and drive traffic
Announce concession specials, prizes

Enhance Community & Diversity
Offer languages, special needs, sight impaired
Make everyone feel welcome and involved

Fans will discover your team’s iOS/Android app when it delivers subsecond radio

Provided Free to Happy, Hungry, Thirsty Fans 

"Radio" commercials drive sales of concessions, merchandise, and tickets. You will want everyone listening and telling their friends.


A win-win proposition for fans and venues alike

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 12.51.34 PM.png

Totally Integrated Turnkey System

Radio Production

  • Cloud-based Radio Automation

    • For Live Radio Assist

    • For 24/7/365 Always On-Air Streaming​

  • Collaborative, Multi-Location Co-Hosts, Optional ​

  • Cloud-based Multi-Line Broadcast Phone System​

    • For Call-In/Out Listeners and Guests

    • Local/Remote Screener or Solo Use

  • Low Latency, Studio Quality Remotes​

    • For On-Air Audio Feeds from Other Locations​

    • From Field, Locker Rooms, Other Stadiums

Radio Delivery

  • Live Audio to Fans In-Venue, Geofenced

    • Low Latency, Real-Time​, Subsecond

    • Studio Quality, 48kHz

    • Redundant "Bonded" 5G & WiFi

    • Free Event Sound App or Via Team App

  • Streaming 24/7/365 Radio, Worldwide​

    • ​Includes Radio Player for Team Website​

    • Compatible with Major Radio Tuners

  • Syndication to Affiliate AM/FM/Sat Stations​

  • Automatic Server-Side Podcast Creation

    • Includes Podcast Hosting and Delivery​

  • Automatic Alexa Feeds

Always On-Air and Connected

Live Audio
on Game Day

  • Real-time Play-by-Play

    • <1 Second Latency

  • Studio Quality Sound

    • 48kHz Audio

  • Scalable to >100k Fans

    • Via Existing 5G/WiFi

  • Exclusive Coverage Area

    • Geo-Restricted to Venue


24/7 Team Radio
Every Day

  • Stream Game Replays and Interviews

  • Promote Year-Round with a Full Broadcast Radio Suite, Live and Automated, from Anywhere

  • Includes Podcasts, Phones, Remotes, Streaming, and Syndication

  • Unlimited Worldwide Audience

  • Share Updates about Pre/Post Game Traffic, Safety, and Parking 

Venues need SoundSystem audio to augment big-screen video and sell more tickets, concessions and merchandise

How to Operate SoundSystem Live

Summer League 2023 -No title_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Before the Game Broadcast
  • Plug in laptop, Mixer & Mics and Open Backbone Radio Apps​​​
  • Connect to the Internet
Broadcast the Game
  • On Backbone Radio App, Go Live
  • Select SoundSystem "button" on App 
    • Now you are connected to fans only within your geofenced venue​
    • The rest of the world gets only your stream (live or other automated)
  • Use Backbone live assist for stop sets, commercial breaks,  and to play recordings​
During the Game
  • Take phone calls on-air from fans, guests, or other teams/venues
  • Bring in studio quality remotes from other parts of the stadium or world
  • Syndicate your live broadcast in real time to affiliate stations
  • Insert lots of live or recorded commercial announcements for concessions and merchandise
After the Game
  • Shut down, unplug, go home
  • The live in-venue SoundSystem audio feed will terminate automatically and revert to your worldwide radio stream​

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